We provide a tool that attempts to login to Zillow automatically for you to post the virtual tour and the Call2Action photo.  

In order to use this tool, you need an account with Zillow.  As an agent, you can sign up and get a free account and claim your listings.  You do not need to pay Zillow any money to get in and edit your own listings.  In order for our tool to work, we need that login and enter it on the Tour Linking & Distribution section in your profile.

Now, we act as a proxy for you.  However, Zillow's website changes frequently.  Therefore, at times it may not work as it does require constant changes.  So linking is not guaranteed. 

Because of this, we suggest you login and edit your listings periodically.  Things you can quickly and easily to get more people coming to you:
1. Add the virtual tour link - use the branded tour link, like www.floorplanonline.com/xxxxx where xxxxx is your tour/order ID.  There is a virtual tour field, which then shows under property details.

2. Use our Call2Action photo and put it into spot #2 or 3.  The photo calls out the virtual tour link and displays it on the image.  While it is not clickable, it does let the viewer know there is more content out there than just the photos.  So go see the tour!   Click here to read our blog post on how to use the Call2Action photo specifically on Zillow.