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Can my tour be added to Zillow, Realtor.com and more?

Put the unbranded tour in the MLS and it should get distributed automatically to the large search sites, and beyond.

Getting your tour seen is key, and in general, you need to get your tour on Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia, plus other sites, to get maximum exposure.  But 70% of the top 10 sites are powered by Zillow, so it is obviously important to ensure the tour is there.

In regards to Zillow tour posting - the easiest thing to do is just add the unbranded tour link into your MLS listing and usually it will get picked up automatically and added to Zillow and other sites like Realtor.com, Trulia and more.  Zillow has changed how the media gets there and in most cases it is fed there via a direct feed from your local MLS.

The cool thing is once the tour is on these large search portals, when someone clicks the virtual tour link, we show your brand through our exclusive and patent-pending Brandkeepr functionality.  Even though the tour link on Zillow or other sites is unbranded, when a user clicks on it, we check our database of which sites CAN show your brand, and we show it on the tour if it qualifies.  You logo, photo, contact info and even the lead capture form are all shown to users when they click the virtual tour link.  That represents over 95% of the top 10 most visited real estate search sites!  Pretty cool, huh...


Each site varies on where the tour link is displayed.  On Zillow it is currently under the Facts and Figures section.  Realtor.com has a button right on the photo viewer and Trulia has it below the photo gallery.