Browser Support

It looks like a recent update to Firefox has broken the hotspot page. The quick fix is there is an update to Adobe Flash that adds some additional security support. Firefox is blocking Flash from loading until the update is installed.

So, on the hotspot page, just right click, select Global Settings, and then see what is installed, like you see on the second screen shot. If the PPAPI plugin is not installed, you need to update Flash…so click the button to download and then install the update.

You will need to restart Firefox when done, and you should also clear the cache to clear everything out. Go to the Advanced option and then Network to Clear the Cache/History.

Once that is done, it should work again. Given this is a security issue, I doubt anything we do will fix this other than the user updating their Flash.

sending to the knowledgebase as this is a good process to go through for any browser that has issues displaying the Flash based content. The following pages are currently in flash:

-Edit Photos on Floorplan

-Edit Photos/Video

-Edit Flyer (parts of it)

On the tour, the video and hotspot page use flash but we do have an alternative if flash is not supported. Roomplanner is currently flash only.