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What is SpaceDesigner?

SpaceDesigner is a new and improved floor plan drawing tool and 3D floor plan view for our tours. Floorplanonline has developed our own tool that we host and control. Going forward pay-per-tour floor plans and subscription floorplan clean-ups will be created using SpaceDesiner. This tool is also available to subscription customers who would like to draw their own plans to add to their tours.

Some of the key features you will notice are the 3D/doll house view, we've added the ability to drop yourself into the floor plan and view the rooms as if you were in them.

Wall colors can be changed and flooring can be dropped in

  • We have an extensive library of 3D home furnishings
  • Basic 3D view is now included in the price of the tour
  • Upgrade to the Premium 3D for an additional cost. Premium 3D includes flooring surface and wall color match based on property photos, 2D colored plans, enhance kitchen and bath layouts with 3D cabinets, style/color coordination, basic outside layout for patio and decks based on photos provided.