How to leverage Brandkeepr to get seen on the web

Leverage your listing to get free advertising for you on 95% of the Top 10 sites

The most important thing you can do to get more exposure for you is 1. link your virtual tour into your MLS listing and 2. ensure your branding and profile is complete with all of your contact info, photo and logo.

This video shows you the Why and the How to get Brandkeepr working for you.

See our video on how to get your brand on these popular search sites [or click to see the detailed steps to follow the steps below the video:

HubSpot Video

The detailed instructions are as follows:

  1. Complete your profile. If you skipped adding your photo, logo, website and more detailed contact info when you created an account, just go to Edit profile and add this content. You can also send us an email and we will do it for you upon request.
  2. Complete the linking profile and set your Brandkeepr settings, all under Edit Profile.
  • Linking - we can automatically link your unbranded virtual tour to some MLS systems, so just check the right boxes. Some MLSs still require the agent to link (if yours does get your fellow agents to pressure the MLS to enable automated linking - every system can do it). We also can directly upload HD sized photos and select videos to Zillow and Trulia, and push the video to YouTube (your channel or ours), so check those options under Linking & Distribution. On Zillows, videos for Photo Tours do not qualify for automated linking, but a custom slideshow or other custom video does. Please see our separate help doc for more info.
  • Brandkeepr - this is where the magic happens to convert the unbranded tour to branded. If you entered your website address in your profile, we automatically add that as a Brandkeepr-enabled site. If that differs from your company site, add your main company's website address too. Just make sure you do not add your competitor sites as that may violate IDX rules and get you in trouble with your MLS.

3. The last step is just make sure you link the UNBRANDED TOUR into your listing on the MLS, if we can’t do it automatically you. There should be a virtual tour or virtual media field where you copy and paste the unbranded tour link we send you via email when your tour is produced. Note: some MLSs require the restricted tour link, which removes the map and property address - contact your MLS if you are not sure. Finally, make sure our touris the default tour if your MLS has an automated one. Once you do that, it will get distributed to hundreds of sites along with the photos. If for some reason it does not, check with your company IT department or MLS as some do not include the virtual tour link in data feeds - if this is the case, COMPLAIN to them! The top 4 sites - Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin - get over 95% of the traffic to the top 10 sites. Even a sites like Remax and get very little traffic compared to these 4 sites, so your listing, and tour, really need to be there.

Note: MLSs that use companies like CoreLogic or BlackKnight as the backend provider CAN have automated virtual tour linking done by a tour provider- we have done if for both. If your’s does not, then please bring it up with your MLS IT staff as we are more than happy to automate this, but you need to get your MLS to push their vendor!