Adding FPO Production to Multiple Matterport Accounts

How to get around Matterport's limitation for collaborators

We can be added as a collaborator to any user's own Matterport account. However, there is a limitation with the Matterport system in that a collaborator email can only be used once for the whole Matterport system. So, in order to add the FloorPlanOnline production email to a different Matterport account, you need to follow the below procedure. If you do not, you may get a message This user Already Exists.

What Does The Message "This User Already Exists" Mean? allows only one instance of an email address, and one role per email. For example, can be an admin in one account, but cannot be an admin or user in another account.

The Solution.

We use google mail for our mail, so all we need to do to be added as collaborators to any customer's Matterport accounts with a unique email is add a +customername to our email. Gmail makes this email work so we receive emails, and Matterport will think it is a different email.

An example of how a customer should add our emails as a collaborator in their own Matterport account for the fictitious "Realty Team" is:

For FloorPlanOnline, we just need to keep track of all of the logins using these unique email addresses!

We should get the emails from Matterport and Matterport will think they are unique emails in their system. Problem solved!

This needs to be done every time we ask someone to add us to be a collaborator to their Matterport account.