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How do I download photos?

Download photos in multiple sizes to meet your MLS and marketing needs

See the links in the Draft or Approved Tour emails you get from FloorPlanOnline.

---------- OR ----------

  • Log onto www.floorplanonline.com (login to your account using your username and password)
  • Select MANAGE TOURS.
  • Select PHOTOS & MARKETING MATERIALS (UNDER THE ADDRESS OF THE PROPERTY) located in the Tour Details Column of your tour list
  • Select the Download Photos button

You can download the photos as a zipped or compressed file or you can download the photos individually.

To download zipped or compressed files:

  • Click on the photo size that you want.
  • Small 800×600 pixels cropped to this size(4:3 aspect ratio).
  • Medium 1024×700 pixels not cropped (original aspect ratio generally 3:2 aspect ratio).
  • Large original uploaded file sizes.
  • You will be asked if you want to Open or Save them.
  • Select Open. Allow time for the file to download.

When the photo file has downloaded you will need to unzip it. For a Mac, just double click the zipped folder and it unzips it. For Windows, if the compressed file is not open, open the compressed file. For Windows users, look for the button at the top that says Extract All Files. Or click on File, click on Extract all. This will take you to an Extract Wizard. Then just find a location to put the files once you unzip it.

Use the BROWSE button to select where you want to save the file on your computer. Click on OK, then click on Extract at the bottom of the box. Click Finish. Now you can view and use the photos.