Embedding Matterport (or other) Tours and creating floor plans out of 3D Scans

FloorPlanOnline can embed a Matterport 3D Showcase tour into the FPO Virtual Tour by using the Matterport embed code, like shown below, by pasting it into the Custom Video section, under the Content Display Options.

But it doesn't stop there. We can make clear 2D floorplans and 3D models out of the Matterport scan.

If you are a subscriber, you can use the top floorplan view of the Matterport scan to trace over the plan to create a nice looking, 2D floorplan as well as a 3D model. Or, we can do this for you - just make production@floorplanonline.com a collaborator with your project, and we can clean up the Matterport scan for just $30 a listing as a subscriber. Just upload the top view images and order the floorplan cleanup, and paste the matterport tour link into the comments section when you upload the floorplan images. We will then redraw and clean them up into a great marketing tool.

Or, pay by the tour and it is just $69 for the tour and floorplan clean up with 3D Model.

Why do you need this?

Well, while Matterport is cool, it does not provide all of the essential marketing pieces - big HD Photos, editable video (with YouTube distribution), CLEAR/readable floor plans online and offline for marketing purposes, editable property brochures, printable floorplans, and a 3D roomplanner tool/3D Model. For a small upgrade fee, every one of your listings can have this functionality to make it the most potent Selling machine, as well as Listing machine!

Steps to Embed a Matterport Tour info FloorPlanOnline Tour:

Paste the Matterport code into the Custom Video field on Edit Details in the Manage Tour section of FloorPlanOnline.

(see below for where to find the code at my.matterport.com):

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=Scs8s2F2zF8" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Check the box for Custom Video, enter display text for option - 360 Walk Through (note our system limits the number of characters you can put here…so it must be in both boxes)


Note: You can select to load the Matterport tour first by selecting the Custom Video option.

If you have other videos, you can add them in the other 3 boxes...great for a property video, town video, etc.

Matterport Embed Code. Make sure your Matterport Tour is public - this will display the Embed code you need to copy and then paste into the custom video section.


How to trace over the Matterport scan

Go to my.matterport.com and select the model and then go to the Classic editor.

1. Create a screen shot of the top view of each level of the property.

2. Select Annotate and click the measuring tool. You can then find a room measurement - either in 360 view or on the top view. You only need 1 wall measurement per level to scale this in the FloorPlanOnline drawing system.

In this example, the wall is 12’4”. It snaps pretty well (when it works)...just make sure the walls desired are selected with the end points going from wall to wall.


Once you have the top view images, in the FloorPlanOnline system, go to Edit FloorPlans, and then go to the Background tab.

Select the top view of the Matterport scans to upload. Note you can upload multiple background images under Background.

ALL ROOMS SQUARE and CONNECTED? It seems that some Matterport scans can have some rooms off a little from square from other rooms...so keep that in mind as you trace….some slight adjustment for how one room fits with another might be needed.

Select the Scale button and draw the line on the wall you want to scale. Enter the dimension you got from the Matterport system, in this case 12’4”


Use the outside walls to draw the outside. Note the default is 6.5” for outside walls. Inside walls are 4.5” - you can change them under the Configuration settings, which is on the BUILD tab at the top.

Inline image 1

Just Publish your tour and the Matterport tour will be there! Any changes you make to the Matterport tour are automatically reflected on your tour as well.