What is HomeDiary?

HomeDiary is our homeowner management platform that can be sponsored by You.

HomeDiary Pro is a service of FloorPlanOnline.  FloorPlanOnline has been around for several years and was the pioneer of the interactive floor plan and 3D visualization for listings. With HomeDiary PRO, you get amazing tools for your Listings, Your Buyers and all of your Clients, leveraging the same 3D technology.

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Listings - you can create unlimited virtual tours for your listings using our virtual tour platform. Each tour includes a customizable slideshow video, editable flyers, YouTube distribution and more.

We create a video file that is embedded on your tour, but it can also be uploaded to YouTube for you, automatically, either our HomeDiary Stories YouTube channel or you can authenticate with your own channel and have the video automatically uploaded to it when you publish your tour.

You can also add floorplans to the tours. 

  • Draw your own using our 3D Space designer - FREE or just upload an existing image
  • Clean-up/Conversion Service - upload a source file and we will convert it into a 2D and 3D floor plan for just $30. Any file will do - a hand drawn sketch, a market up appraisal sketch, architectural plans or even share a Matterport scan and we can convert it into a 2D and 3D plan, complete with our Space Designer.
  • Full service - our onsite services include creating the floor plan and/or taking photos and combining it all into our amazing virtual tour.

As a PRO subscriber, your tours never expire, you decide when to disable your tours (as long as your subscription is active). So use them after the sale for marketing purposes to showcase how you will sell your potential seller's home.

Buyers & Clients - With HomeDiary Pro, you can invite your clients into HomeDiary, and when they click your invite link, you become the sponsor on their account.   HomeDiary allows homeowners to manage their home with the included tools: 

  • Timeline - keep track of any maintenance or improvement project, so it can be found later instantly.
  • Inventory - create home inventory with the snap of one photo. A picture says 1000 words. In this case it can document a room.
  • Ideas - save website links or snap photos of ideas at stores and save them in idea boards, tagged to spaces
  • 3D Space Designer. Use our includes floor plan tool to create a 2D and 3D floor plan and then design it - drag and drop furniture, change flooring or wall colors, or even experiment with what that open concept might look like, all virtually. This saves time, money and headaches down the road.

HomeDiary is free to you and your clients and be accessed via any computer or mobile device and a browser, or we have an iOS device for Apple iPhones and iPads, where you are prominently features as the default Home PRO via your sponsorship!  Your contact information is part of the agent HomeDiary PRO sponsorship, keeping your name in front of the homeowner as they manage their home.

See how HomeDiary helped Jackie with her move.

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