Why am I not receiving the Leads emails?

I have the Lead Capture set up but am not receiving the Leads emails.

Each branded virtual tour has a built-in lead capture form that collects information for interested users.  On some of the older tour formats, we did have an option to force a lead capture form based on certain events.  We did not extend this functionality to some of our newer designs like the Story or Tour format because it was little used.  We thought it was a good idea, but given not many people used it, those settings were not carried over. You can still use it on the "Full Screen" tour.

We would love to hear from you...do you want to see a forced lead capture option on the newer tour formats? If we hear from enough customers we can consider adding it back.  Until then, you can use the older Full Screen Tour option. 

Send us an email and let us know your thoughts.