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Why Isn't My Video Added to My Zillow Listing

Zillow will not accept a tour video that is made of only photos. To qualify for Zillow, the video must include floorplan images and have at least 20% video content.  Things like aerial video can work and qualify any video we do as a Zillow video.  We have tried to get Zillow to accept slideshow videos that include floor plans but they keep going back and forth and at this point, they will not accept them - we need at least 20% video content.

If your video does qualify, sending the videos to Zillow is a manual process on both sides, therefore open to human error both directions.

Once your tour is published, it can also take a couple of days (sometimes longer if a weekend is involved) to get the video added to Zillow.

If your video is not added to Zillow please contact Customer Care.