Do you offer a virtually staged floor plan?

Yes. Just $50 to virtually stage a floor plan with flooring, furniture and more.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We believe a staged floor plan is worth a thousand pictures.

So rather than creating a virtually staged photo, another option for you to consider is use our system and outfit a floor plan using our 3D space planning tool so people can see it furnished in the 3D model. This allows them to see an initial layout, but also allows them to use the tool to experiment and do their own thing too. Its like having Joanna Gaines of HGTV for your own listing, although you are now the TV star!

You can do this yourself using our Edit FloorPlan tool, or we can digitally enhance a whole floor plan for $50 for up to 5000 sq ft, A$20 each additional $5000 sq ft. See below for an example of a virtually staged floor plan and again contact us if you would like this added to your tour. Also...because this is editable and interactive, it takes it well beyond our competitors who only offer a static image - what's fun about an image you can't do anything with? Nothing.

2D plan


View Ridge 3D-2