Do you offer virtual staging of photos?

Yes. We can create a virtually staged image. Cost is $75 per photo.

We can create a virtually staged photo, meaning we can put furniture and decor items in an empty room and show that image on your tour, and you can use it as a photo for the MLS, etc. Note some MLSs may have rules around identifying a photo as digitally enhanced so if you need text on it, such as "digitally enhanced photo" please let us know.

To get a virtually staged photo, just contact our care using our support ticket and tell us what photos you want staged, or email us the photos (in as high of resolution as possible) and we can start the process that way. We will add this as an official product option down the road but until then, we can do it on request. We will bill the card on file once the work is done.

Another alternative is use our space planner and outfit a space using our 3D floor planning tool so people can see it furnished in the 3D model. This allows them to see an initial layout, but also allows them to use the tool to experiment and do their own thing too. Its like having Joanna Gaines of HGTV for your own listing, although you are not the TV star! You can do this yourself, or we can digitally enhance a whole floor plan for $50 for up to 5000 sq ft, A$20 each additional $5000 sq ft. See below for an example of a virtually staged floor plan and again contact us if you would like this added to your tour. Also because this is editable and interactive, it takes it well beyond our competitors who only offer a static image - what's fun about an image you can't do anything with? Nothing.

Here are a few examples of before and after virtually staged by our production folks.





Sample individual photos digitally staged


Gramercy Home Contemporary

Pottery Barn

Restoration Hardware

Crate & Barrel

Sample 2D and 3D floor plans, virtually staged. Note it can even be embedded on our tour.

The nice thing about this is you can show a potential layout but let people design their own via the 3D Designer option right on our virtual tour. Then, whoever buys the home can claim it and get a copy of the floor plan, including all the 3D options and planner put into their own private HomeDiary account.

example of a virtual staging you can do for free

2D plan

3D Screen shot you can do for free - just select the 3D Global view and then go to the camera icon to snap a photo. Included with every floor plan we do.


3D render of the same view - this is something our production folks do as part of our $50 enhancement.

View Ridge 3D-2