How do you post a tour to Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or other social media sites?

This video shows you how to post a new tour to a social media channel

It is as simple as copying and pasting the tour link (use the branded one) to any of the posting fields on Facebook, Linkedin, or Pinterest. Most will bring back the hero image and some text and embed the link back to the your. You just add a sentence or two about the home and post it.

For Instagram, there is no way to post content from a computer - you must use a mobile device. So you either download our video file to your computer and move it to a dropbox or Google drive folder that you then access from your mobile device, and upload that way, or in the email we send you when your tour is complete, just click the link to the Photos and Marketing tools and download the video file there. Then upload to Instagram from your phone.  See our FAQ on this specific topic. 

This video goes through the quick process.

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